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This series is about everyday people making every day count. We caught up with creative consultant and content creator, Tim Fung. Based in Hong Kong, He tells us how important it is to keep work-life balance in check while hustling through this city.

What do you do?

I am a Creative Consultant, creating digital and social media content for my various clients across Asia.

How did you get into creative consulting / marketing?

I studied Marketing/Business in university and when I graduated, I knew I wanted to go into this field so I packed my bags (at the time, I was in Canada) and moved to Hong Kong to pursue my career. After working in a marketing agency setting for 7 years, I decided to jump out and work as a Creative Consultant for my own clients.

Looks like you’re always out and about. How do you balance running your business with adventure time?

Great question! I am very lucky in the sense that I arrange my own schedule on a day-to-day basis, so in between work meetings with my clients, I get to squeeze in an event, hit the gym, or even go on a hike. I am the type of person who enjoys filling up his schedule from morning to night, so in my books there is never a dull moment in a day! Also, I genuinely enjoy the work I do so even when I’m working on the weekends, on a photo shoot or creating content for my clients, it never feels like work. That is the beauty of doing what you love! 

What’s your idea of a great day out?

The perfect day out for me is quite simple. I would say starting my morning early by preparing a hearty breakfast for the entire family, then head out on a nice hike that will end up at a waterfall or beach. To top it off, I would have a easy, breezy seaside dinner in Sai Kung or Repulse Bay before hitting up a cool speakeasy bar!

What are the 3 things we’ll find in your bag?

Wherever I go, I take with me my laptop for meetings with clients, my workout essentials and sneakers if I want to squeeze in a hike or workout session during the day, and of course, my trusty hand sanitizer!


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