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This series is about everyday people making every day count. We caught up with dentist and coffee enthusiast, Jeff Law. You may have seen his inspiring photos on Instagram. Read on to see how he manages both his patient's teeth and his own!

Besides taking mouth-watering photos of brunch spots around the world, you’re also a full time Dentist. How do you balance your time?

I always have had this dream in my mind when I was studying in uni that I must have a work life balance when I start working. In pursuing my dream, I always make sure I have time to care for my patients and at the same time, doing things that I love during my free time and enjoying every bits of life. Being disciplined and having a plan are the keys to balancing my time. You don’t need to follow the plan strictly, but at least you would have an idea of what to expect. 

What are your must-dos when visiting a new place?

Cafe hopping, definitely. I would do my research on Instagram or simply ask the locals of the latest hits or their hidden ‘pocket’ cafes. 

I’m a food lover too! Trying out local delicacies is like experiencing a part of their lives. 

Do you plan out your adventures, or go-with-the-flow?

Like I mentioned before, I do plan out my itinerary for the day. But I would leave a day or two blank when I would stroll on the streets people-watching. 

What are 3 things you always pack with you?

My camera, power bank and MacBook. 

What’s your idea of a great day out?

It depends. When I’m stressed out at work, being able to just chill and feels that life ain’t that bad after all during the weekend considered to be a great day out. When I’m out for a shoot or cafe hopping, a greats day out simply means that I get to drink a cup of good coffee and have a delicious brunch or I’m able to make use of my surroundings to take a great photo that I would have never thought of. 

Let’s hear your top 5 coffeeshops to hang then!

In Hong Kong:
Halfway coffee
Cupping room
Gwee coffee
Winston coffee


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