Steph and Rick: When Sleep is Life

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This series is about everyday people making every day count. We met up with dream team duo, Stephanie and Rick, from Hush Home. The duo dishes on how a to support a good night's sleep, their routine for daily wellness, and how listening to your body can transform your day to day.


What do you do?

Rick/ Stephanie: We’re the husband-and-wife team behind Hush Home (, a mattress and bedding brand based in Hong Kong. All our mattresses, pillows, and bedding products are sustainably made from the highest quality materials by the same workshops that supply the world’s leading hotels, but unlike sleep products you may find in a typical retail store, we offer our products online and in our showroom at dramatically lower prices (as much as ¼ the price of your nearest mall).
We originally created the company to transform people’s well-being by offering better sleep. In addition to offering hotel-quality mattresses and bedding at affordable prices, we also use our research to inspire people to sleep and live better. We regularly publish wellness articles and share sleep tips local Hong Kong groups. In addition, companies as different as Lululemon, MetLife, and Citibank invite us to their offices to teach their employees sleep tips for increased productivity.

What’s something everyone should know about sleep?

Stephanie: Your food intake has a big impact on your sleep quality. Too much sugar can minimize your amount of deep sleep, a healthier gut means more melatonin when you go to sleep, etc. 

Rick: It takes one night to do well, but a lifetime to master. Haha, I say that tongue in cheek, but it’s really true -- there’s no one trick you can do. if you listen to your body over time, you can find different ways to improve your sleep quality little by little. And you’ll see powerful effects over many years by compounding all these little changes.

Do you have a morning routine?

Rick: Recently, I’ve been waking up earlier, going for an outdoor swim before the sun is too strong. Then I’ll come home, feed our dog breakfast, and wake up my wife.
Stephanie: I’m typically hitting “snooze” until Rick wakes me up! Haha. Once I’m awake, I immediately open up our curtains (the more sunshine your retina takes in in the first hour, the more awake you will be), take our dog Dookie for his morning walk, then do a 15-minute yoga sequence to wake my body up.

What are 3 things you carry every day?

Kindle (in case I have down time), Sneakers (in case I get an opportunity to be active), and our company chop (in case I randomly have to do official business).
Stephanie: Laptop (if I need to do work between meetings), AirPods (I have an addiction to consuming content constantly), and Kindle (I got mine first, then Rick copied me!) 

What are your go-to secret spots in town?

Rick/Stephanie: There's a little hidden beach in front of our home that only recreational fishermen and surfers know about! It’s a beautiful respite in a very hectic Hong Kong. 

What’s your idea of a day well spent?

Stephanie: Any day with sunshine, the outdoors, and our dog. 
Rick: Any day involving an active adventure with my (sometimes unconvinced) wife and partner-in-crime.



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