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Catching up with Charlene Ho


This series is about everyday people making every day count. We met up with Yoga instructor, Jiu-Jitsu expert, and full-time dog mom, Charlene Hopeeking into her daily journey around town, her favourite hidden spots in the city, and what motivates her everyday.


What do you do?

Freelance yoga teacher. 

What’s your daily routine?

Walk my dog (or take him on hikes). After walks, I’ll go to my yoga practice and then to Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.
My afternoons are freer, I usually go home and hang with the dog and check emails, and if I have energy some self practice. I usually have to teach in the evenings, and I’ll go home after for dinner. I teach Saturday mornings, so Fridays tend to be chill. I’ll see friends for brunch after teaching on the weekends. If the weather’s nice, I want to be out and about!



As a freelancer how do you balance work and play?

I love having a flexible schedule where I can decide when I work and when I play. My mornings are usually packed, so I like to spend off nights with family and chill out. My way of finding balance is between teaching and being a student myself. Because my lifestyle is so active, I simply want to be at home and relax whenever I can, but I do enjoy socialising with my buddies on weekend when I’m not teaching. So my advice – if you are a freelance, do something you love to do that it doesn’t feel like work, and don’t overwork yourself to a point of losing passion. Then you’ll always feel balanced!

What are 3 things you must carry every day?

Phone, sunnies, umbrella.

What are your go-to secret spots in town?

Do restaurants count? If so I love 有緣小敍 on Wo On lane in Central, I love spicy food, and it’s a little hidden gem in the heart of central. I also love Fineprint coffee shop for their Dirty Chai!!!


What’s your idea of a day well spent?

I’m very simple – A day with some sun and sea, yoga, bjj, good food, and good company with friends and family.

What keeps you motivated?

So much.. my dog keeps me motivated to wake up in the morning and so I can have my morning routine; my students keep me motivated to keep being creative in my classes. I’m motivated when I see students coming back to my class, and putting their trust in me to teach them. There are so many yoga teachers around, so when they choose you as their teacher, it means they feel a connection with you. That bond allows me to understand them more, and motivates me to be more creative with my yoga sequence, and to be a better teacher. It really gives me a sense of achievement and satisfaction when students tell me how much they love me and my classes.


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