Thirteen Deep Dive

For the curious ones, we get into the details of the Thirteen Daybag here. Looking for the Product Page instead?

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The smallest pack in the Able Carry range, Thirteen Daybag is a 13L bag pairing high function with streamlined aesthetics. Updates for 2024 include a roomier build, and fine tuning for a better overall fit.

Thirteen Daybag '24

Taller, Roomier

Thirteen ‘24 is ~2cm (0.8”) taller than the original, adding 0.5L of usable space. Capacity tops out with this loadout.



Designed for a hands-free experience, Thirteen Daybag features convenient external pockets and protective internal storage.


A-Frame, Simplified

Thirteen Daybag uses panels supports to prevent sagging without using webbing.

We hope this was a useful look into just some of the Thirteen Daybag design details. For a closer look or more questions about choosing the right pack for you, message us at!