Meet the Stash Pouch Pouch.

The Stash Pouch Pouch (SPP) is the first pouch system designed specifically to store, protect, and transport Stash Pouches.

Built with proprietary CloudCore™ technology designed to keep your Stash Pouch safe and secure, the SPP is support your Stash Pouch never knew it needed.

Offering a seamless fit for 4-8 Pouches, Premium build and the softest padding on the market, the Stash Pouch Pouch is the most supportive one-pouch money can't buy.

Choose your Pouch

Stash Pouch Pouch Max

A classic, expanded.

Just like the original, the Stash Pouch Max carries up to 8 Stash Pouches without fuss. An unbeatable combo of low weight and high value.

Stash Pouch Pouch Max Pro

The Stash Pouch protector.

All the benefits of the SP Max plus padded dividers for ultimate pouch protection. Fits up to four fully loaded Stash Pouches.

Stash Pouch Pouch Max Pro Plus

Peak performance for your Stash Pouches

The SPP Max Pro+ has built-in insulation to keep your Stash Pouches performing at their optimal operating temperature.*

*Up to 12 hours cold, and 24 hours hot.


Premium Organisation

Bespoke fit for the Stash pouch, with a dedicated slot for each pouch, so you’ll never misplace them again.

*Available on SPP Max Pro and Pro +

CloudCore Protection™

XPAC fabrics, Cobra Buckles, and single-cell foam means your Pouches are fully waterproof, break-proof, and idiot proof.

Temperature Controlled

Insulated to keep your stash pouch at optimum operating temperature for up to 24 hours.

*Available on SPP Max Pro +

Made to carry in 3 ways


(NOT a murse)

Hip Pack

*Heroclip sold separately


Bring Your Own Cobra 🐍


Will the SP series fit my Joey?

The SP series are designed only for the Stash Pouches. To prevent damage, DO NOT use with the Joey Pouch.

I'm in. Where do I Buy?

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