Thirteen Daybag Setup Guide

Setting Up

The Thirteen Daybag is designed to sit comfortably higher up on the back. Find your ideal height by first raising it, then lower until comfortable.

Sternum Strap

The Sternum Strap adds stability in motion. Tucks them into the stow pocket when not in use, or remove it for a cleaner look. The ideal placement for the strap is across the middle of your sternum and ideal length is just tight enough to keep the straps in place, but does not pull the shoulder straps together.

Key Leash

The Keyleash can be found in the Front Pocket and can be moved to the internal zipped pocket or another loop point.

Back Pocket

The Back Pocket is designed to be accessible without removing the pack. Loosen the right shoulderstrap until it is comfortable to reach.

Card Pocket

The Card Pocket fits cards and slim items. Be sure to slot items in as far as they'll go for a secure fit.

Water Bottle Pocket

With a drain hole at the bottom, the external pocket is a good place for small bottles or umbrella.

Zipper Lock

Tuck the zip-pulls into the garage for added security on the go. Loop a string lock through the loops and the garage for even more peace of mind.

Secret Pocket

Reach behind the top flap to find the zippered access to the Secret Pocket.