Setup Guide - Daily Backpack

Got your Daily? Welcome to the club! Here's a few pointers.

1. How to Backpack

Put the bag on back and go. Simple, right? You probably know this stuff already, but here's a reminder just in case:
You're looking for a snug fit without restricting movement.
1. Balance your straps first, then adjust based on your shoulders.
2. A higher ride is more comfortable, especially with heavier loads.
3. Tidy up your floppy straps with the elastic bands.


2. Using the Sternum Strap

Sternum (chest) straps will keep your bag from bouncing around on the go and add support for heavier loads. 
Attach the strap and adjust the position by sliding the straps down slightly below your collarbone for comfort. It should feel locked in place without feeling tight. 

3. Accessing the .5 Pocket

The discreet .5 Pocket is a great place to keep emergency cash. To access it, grip the corners above each handle and flip backward. Find the velcro opening along the top panel. Put everything back in place, grip the corners again and flip forward. 


4. Using the Side Anchors

Looking to attach things to the outside? Clip a carabiner to clip on water bottles, U-locks, or sandals. Here's how we'd loop a string lock for extra peace of mind.


5. Accessing the Front Leash

The front leash is easily accessible inside the front compartment. Useful for clipping on keys, access cards. 

6. About the Foam Insert

That velcro with the logo on it? It's where we keep the foam insert. It's there for support, and we recommend keeping it in. 

If you're trying to shed all and any excess weight, replacing it with your own framesheet, or you're planning to soak wash the bag, here's how to remove it:

1. Flip the top
2. Lift Velcro
3. Pull foam out. It'll be tight.

To replace:

4. Make sure the narrow part is top
5. Squeeze the bottom and replace. Close velcro.

7. Making The Most Of Your Day

We don't need to teach you anything here. You got this 🙌


For Cleaning instructions, we recommend spot cleaning with mild detergent and water, but we've more detail in the FAQ.